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Dear Visitor,

When we have start the Ttool adventure in 2006, our idea was to get an free powerfull tool for searching the inactive player.
Today we are analysing a lot of server from Travian and the investment to maintain our activities became higher and higher. Indeed, every month the following activities shall be payed:

- The rental of a powerfull dedicated server

- The alary of people in charge of Hardware maintenance

- The rental of / domain names

All these costs are for the moment only supported by TwinGMustyz

In this regards and even if it is not the best solution for you, an advertisement system have been implemented on the, but If you want to help us to remove it, it is quite easy:

Just imagine if each people who visits this website give only 1 euro, the website could be free of advertise in less than one month. Your donation is also a way to:

- Thanks us for the website

- Participate to our adventure by becoming a member of our team :-)

Thanks a lot in advance, And as usual feel free to contact me for further clarification.

Best regards,

Oliver (alias TwinGMustyz) Founder