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Dear Visitor,

In 2006, two brothers, BreizhDeNaz and TwinGMustyZ, started playing the Travian game.

After several hours of play, they decided to create their own suite of tools to find inactive players on the Traviangame.
TwinGMustyZ started to design rough tools that shown quite efficient and practical. They decided to share them with the whole French Travian community.

A server and a host name have been rent on : was born. A simple php code was launched manually every day to update data of the ten French servers.
After a great success within the French community, it was decided to enlarge the tool activity to all Travian worlds. gained some popularity and due to the requet of several users, a multilingual interface was developed. This update had a major impact on the growth of Traviantool which started growing up very quickly.

The list of Travian world became so huge that a daily manual import became unmanageable and as Nuxit provider did not offer cron tab application on their basic offer, TwinGMustyZ ask Neofutur, The lead of Neoskills foundation to help him. Neoskills offered to host Traviantool on his own server (named and became the hardware manager of Traviantool.

In August 2007, the and servers got completely overflowed and It was decided (with the help of Neoskills) to rent a server dedicated to Traviantool, a dedibox server was rent and was created.
To mark this shift of strategy, a new interface was coded based on a new engine. Data coming from more than 20 Travian worlds was now grabbed automatically via a shell command launched by a Cron job.

In December 2007, after a huge update of the Traviantool database (all Travian data coming from map.sql Travian world were grabbed and stored in Traviantool database), the website imploded and another dedicated kimsufi server ( was set up in emergency. was created.
New database architecture was developed to speed up inactive research and to allow a better browsing of the Traviantool visitors.

To allow a better translation of Traviantool, a specific tool was developed and Traviantool changed its name to
A new management of website address will be developed and it gives the following format: http://Travian-[world of Travian] (i.e. for world statistic for Ttool was able [@]

To keep more data and better spread the load, a third dedicated kimsufi server has been rent.

The financial crisis and some other difficulties forced TwinGMustyZ to get more involved in his everyday job and family care and Traviantool was launched in an automatic mode.

After a long period without update and some interrogations about stopping the activities, TwinGMustyZ decided to completely recode the website and re-invest some time (and money) in the project.

The latest version of Traviantool was launched on 30th august 2009 and a new address format has been created for this occasion.

Since 2006, Ttool is the free result of a devoted & passionate team: TwinGMustyz (Ttool developer), BreizhDeNaz (Supervisor and tester), Neofuture (Hardware manager) and a lot of translation helpers.

The team works with & for you with the only but least following goal : have fun in Travian

Thank you for your visit

As usual if you have any questions, remarks, feedbacks or any other request please, feel free to email at the following address twingmustyz[@]

Kind regards,