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Dear Visitor,

Welcome in this Ttool section dedicated to the Travian game.

As you might know, Travian is a massively multiplayer online browser-based strategy game developed by Travian games GmbH.

On Travian, each player starts as a leader of a small village and chooses to belong to one of the following civilisations: Roman, Gaul or Teuton. The aim of the game is to be the first to construct & upgrade a Wonder of the World.

To reach this goal, the player needs to gather loads of the four following basic resources : wood, crop, stone and clay. These resources are either obtained by growing the farming activities, trading together with other players or by merely stealing the enemies.

The village plundering solution is certainly the faster way to gather enough resources to get more powerful but it is also the riskiest.

This is why Ttool has been thought and designed for...

Ttool grabs, treats and stores Travian data in a huge databases for calculation. Data are freely provided by the Travian team via map.sql files and are extracted & updated automatically every day.

With this data Ttool will help you to detect inactive players to attack them and steal their production.

Our statistics and analytics tool will help you in your decisions and in your Travian world domination :-)

Ttool is the free result of a devoted & passionate team: TwinGMustyz (Ttool developer), BreizhDeNaz (Supervisor and tester), Neofutur (Hardware manager) and a lot of translation helpers.

The team works with & for you with the only but least following goal : have fun in Travian!

Please, note that all texts found on this site are the property of their authors ; the images and other objects are properties of the designers of the "Travian games".

Note also that if your Travian server is not in the Ttool list, if you face a bug, a technical problem or some difficulties with this website, please send an email at twingmustyz[@] We will try to answer as soon as we can.

We all thank you for your visit and wish you a lot of fun!

Kind regards,

The The Ttool Team.